Cataract is the leading cause of bilateral blindness in India. It has been reported that cataract is responsible for 50-80% of the bilaterally blind in the country.

The clouding of the natural crystalline lens is called cataract. It occurs in old age in everyone. Cataract can also occur in children or adolescents. Patients with diabetics mellitus may develop cataract earlier in their life.
Cataract needs to be operates upon and removed when it hampers the patients visual requirements. It is not necessary to wait for the cataract to become ripe or mature to be removed as in earlier times.

At Srinivas Eye hospital,Phacoemulsification the latest surgery for cataract is performed for cataract removal. With the latest generation of phacoemulsification machines micro-Coaxial Cataract Surgery(MICS), or removal of cataract through a 2mm incision with the implantation of foldable intraocular lenses (IOLs) are performed.

Srinivas Eye Hospital offers the patients the latest in IOL technology including RESTOR & TECNIS Multifocal IOLs and the astigmatism correcting ACRYSOF Toric IOLs. At Srinivas Eye Hospital surgeries are performed without injection and the patient can go home immediately after surgery.